0550 External Thread Grinding Machine


MATRIX 0550 CNC Precision External Thread Grinding Machine
Max Diameter Admitted 150 mm
Max Diameter Ground 100 mm
Min Diameter Ground 5 mm (Component Dependent)
Max Length Between Centres 500 mm
Max Length of Thread Ground Between Centres 400 mm (Component Dependent)
Lead Range 300 mm
Work Head: (C Axis)
Work Head Torque 46 Nm
Work Speed Range 0.4 to 120 RPM
C Axis Resolution 0.001⁰
Wheel Head:
Spindle Power 8.8 Kw @ 2000 RPM
Automatic Balancing Integral Dynamic Balancing Unit
Helix Capacity (A Axis) ± 45⁰
Capacity (Z Axis)
Table Slide Travel 540 mm
Table Slide Position Resolution 0.0001 mm
Table Slide Traverse Speed 0 – 7 M/Min
Capacity (X Axis)
Wheel Head Slide Travel 290 mm
Wheel Head Position Resolution 0.0001 mm
Wheel Head Slide Traverse Speed 0 – 7 M/Min
Wheel Dressing Unit:
Work Head Mounted Fixed
Variable Speed 0 ~ 6000 RPM (Bi-Directional)
Dressing Feed Rate Programmable
Control System:
CNC System Siemens 840 DE Solution Line
System Specification PCU50.5
User Interface Siemens HMI Advanced Software
8″ Colour TFT Screen Resolution 640 x 480 Pixels
Operating & Programming Matrix Advanced Programming
Machine – Physical:
Approx Gross Machine Weight 6500 Kg
Approx Machine Floor Area 3800 mm x 3500 mm
NOTE: These capacities are subject to inevitable restrictions, depending upon wheel head, Helix Angle, Work Holding, and Support Equipment.