MHG-3040 Hob Sharpening Machine


MHG-3040 CNC Hob Sharpening Machine
Main Specifications:
Min/Max Workpiece Outside Diameter 20mm / 250 mm 0.8″ / 9.8″
Max Length 300mm 11.8″
Max Grinding Depth 35mm 1.3″
Flute Range 1~99
Lead Angle Range ±20°(±40°Optional)
Gash Lead Range 1500~∞mm
Mechanical Specifications:
Min /Max Distance Between Centers 80mm/550mm 3.1″/21.6″
Max Slide Travel (Z axis) 650mm 25.5″
Max table load (Workpiece with carrier) 50kg 110lb
Grinding Wheel Specifications
Min Abrasive Grinding Wheel Root Diameter 30mm/125mm 1.1″/4.9″
Max Grinding Wheel Diameter 30mm/125mm 1.1″/4.9″
Max Grinding Wheel Thickness 25mm 0.9″
Max rpm Of Grinding Spindle 10000 rpm
Drive power of Grinding Spindle 15kw 20Hp
Electric System
Voltage 3Ø 220V
Current Requirement 50 Amp
Ambient Temperature 10°C~40°C 50°F~104°F
Max Load Of Machine 20kVA
CNC Controller
Dimension & Weight:
Space Requirement L 4110 x W 3820 x H 2345mm
(Reserve 800mm (32″) at both right-left and front-back directions for maintenance space)
L 162″ x W 151″ x H 93″
Weight Of Basic Machine 8500kg 18700lb
NOTE: It is strongly advised to keep the machine in controlled temperature environment. I.E. temperature control between 20°C~26°C±1°C will achieve gear Grade 4 to DIN 3962 and Grade 5 in the event of mass production.
The specifications are subject to the contract, as well as new technology and industrial advancements available.