MFG-3540 220G Gear Form Grinding Machine


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MFG-3540 220G CNC Gear Form Grinding Machine
Main Specifications:
Grinding Wheel Spindle Motor 220G
Min / Max Workpiece Outside Diameter 30mm / 400mm
Max Module M8(DP3.2)(Diamond Point Dresser)M12(DP2.1)(Diamond Rotary Disc Dresser)
Teeth Range 9~999
Max Tooth Depth 27mm
Helix Angle ±45°
Mechanical Specifications:
Min Distance Between Centers (Standard) 80mm
Max Distance Between Centers (Standard) 750mm
Max Distance Between Centers (through-bore in workhead) 1200mm
Max Face Width (B-Axis 0°) 400mm
Max Axial Slide Travel (Z-axis) (B-Axis 0°) 650mm
Max Axial Slide Travel (Z-axis) (B-Axis 45°) 235mm
A-axis Can Accommodate A Maximum Outside Diameter Of The Workpiece 110mm
Max Table Load (Workpiece With Fixture) 80kg
Min Wheel Root Diameter / Max Wheel Outside Diameter 210mm / 320mm
Max Grinding Wheel Thickness 40mm
Max rpm Of Grinding Spindle 4000 rpm
Drive Power Of Grinding Spindle 17KW
Voltage 3Ø 220V
Current Requirement 50 Amp
Ambient Temperature 10°C~40°C (50°F~104°F)
Max Load Of Machine 20kVA
Dimension & Weight:
Space Requirement L 162″ x W 151″ x H 93″
Weight Of Basic Machine 8500kg / 18700lb
NOTE: It is strongly advised to keep the machine in controlled temperature environment. I.E. temperature control between 20°C~26°C±1°C will achieve gear Grade 4 to DIN 3962 and Grade 5 in the event of mass production.
The specifications are subject to the contract, as well as new technology and industrial advancements available.