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With Matrix it is our belief that the customer deserves the upmost service, professionalism and respect at all times this has been our company motto since it was founded in 1913.

History timeline

September 4

Gear Grinding Solutions Including 5 Axis Bevel Gear Grinding & Cutting Machines

Mid 2017 Sees Matrix introduce 7 new gear grinding machines including 2 new 5 Axis Bevel Gear Grinding and Bevel Gear Cutting Machines.
January 1

New Machines

Matrix introduces new Machines.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
January 1

New Factory

In line with a strategy for continuous improvements of both quality and technologies, Matrix has now taken over a modern manufacturing facility leading us into the future. We are proud to have a strong export business and with additional personnel we now look forward to continued success in overseas and..Read More
January 1

Over One Hundred Years Later…

Over the years Matrix Machine Tool (Coventry) Limited have produced many different types of Machines Tools and we still remain one of the market leaders in both Internal and External Precision Thread Grinding Machines
January 1

New Factory

In 2004 the company changed its name to ‘Matrix Machine Tool (Coventry) Limited’. There was a new factory built still based on the same site as the factory in 1936 on the Fletchamstead Highway.
August 1

Royal Visit

A few years after in August, 1940, the company was honoured by the gracious visit of his Late Majesty King George VI and Queen Elizabeth at Fletchamstead Highway during the Second World War.
March 28

Fletchamstead Highway (1936)

A decision was made to build a new factory in Coventry and on March 28th, 1936, the foundation stone of the Fletchamstead Highway Factory was laid. In a matter of months the factory was working to capacity and many hundreds of skilled engineers were employed and production started of Internal..Read More
December 1

New Name

On December 1st, 1916, the name of the company first took a title approximating that by which will be remembered today. It became ‘Coventry Gauge & Small Tool Co. Ltd’.
January 1


Matrix was founded in 1913 in Earlsdon Coventry as Walter Tatlow by Sir Harry H. Harley. Primarily making and designing Tools and Gauges for the growing Engineering Industry.Test